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I don’t strive to be mean, but sometimes people don’t get it until you lay all the truth out on the table for them to see.


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To whom we do not name….

You’re a patheticly insecure person who covers it up by being overly cocky. A little boy even trapped in a man’s body, can’t even fend for yourself out in the world nor want to be independent. Living as an adult like you’re still in highschool. You follow other people so you can be “cool” and you’re not comfortable being by yourself; you let other people make your life worth living. It’s very sad really, I hope you can get help with that. As for me and the life that you think may still be an option, you’re a fool. We will never be friends because we never were friends; just a waste of my precious time. So don’t look for me, stop calling me and erase me from your head, for I am too much of an awesome thought to cross your weak mind.

P.S. We laugh at the thought of you.